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New Infusion of Herbs

Actually, the New Infusion of Herbs
Tisane is very old, since it was already prepared in the well known pharmacy of the Nunnery of Santa Maria degli Angeli two centuries ago.

Ancient explanatory booklet
  The recipe handwritten by Mother Cristina Carobbi, pharmacist abbess at the beginning of the 20th century, is known.
It ensures effective results against diseases caused by the accumulation of uric acid.
Gout, high cholesterol, arthritis pain and other discomfort were defeated by the powders of the Benedictines of Pistoia


Ancient package

The recipe has constantly been updated according to the phitological researches. Though remaining in the field of the herbal treatment, and therefore still talking of Tisana and not o f a medicine, these blended herbs can be used with benefit in the blood depuration, Its diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects give relief to those who suffer from
high blood pressure or water retention. According to a recent medical experimentation, it appears that
New healthy herbal tea lowers cholesterol. It is suggested to take the herbal tea on an empty stomach continuously for at least a month.

Mother Rosalia herbalist Package of 30 filters



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