Ancient historic apothecary of the Benedictine Nunnery, Pistoia

For us, nuns, our work is, at the same time, a way to provide us our living, to keep the right balance between soul and body, to exercise and develop the different gifts that Our Lord gave us and to join our Creator’s activities.
Formerly, the Sala Nuns (Benedictine Nuns of Pistoia) would do works of embroidering, mending, burin, pyrography and pastry.

Today the Nunnery has a modern workshop, well equipped according to the regulations in force, but moter Rosalia loves her copper cauldron on log fire and not infrequently welcomes community and visitors with her secret recipies, measuring the ingredients using small and large pitchers, whose content is unknown to everybody, since she jalously keeps the secrets of recipes and wood and copper tools.







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