Ancient historic apothecary of the Benedictine Nunnery, Pistoia

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The Rosolio

A typical and exclusive product of the Pistoiese Nunnery since 1728, according to a secret recipe passed on from abbes to abbes

Its ingredients:
Bitter oranges
Cinchona and a hint of alcohol

Delicous and cooroborating drink
During the ho season it can be diluted with water
Wondeful on the icecream
In winter it can be added to the hot milk.
It is a good digestive, but very pleasant in the preparation of aperitifs.
Chinchona bark and gentian. Dried orange peels

Infusions of lemon, orange,
cinchona and gentian
Sugar where
the raw oranges are cooked

Rosolio ml. 250 (second shelf) and ml. 100 (in the lower right)




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